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Arkoma was founded in 1983 as an oil and gas exploration company operating in the Arkoma Basin of Southeastern Oklahoma.
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Oil and Gas Investments

Arkoma was founded in 1983 as an oil and gas exploration company operating in the Arkoma Basin of Southeastern Oklahoma.
In 1985, the value of Arkoma’s proprietary technical database of geologic and engineering information naturally resulted in the pioneering of its first private mineral acquisition program. The innovative low to medium risk investment program was established to capitalize on the existing opportunities in the Mid-Continent Region of the United States to purchase minerals and royalties. This focused investment strategy resulted in the opportunity for Arkoma to continue its involvement in the Arkoma Basin on behalf of several institutional clients. Some of Arkoma’s institutional investors have included Stanford University Endowment, Austin College Endowment and JP Morgan Chase Bank (Mercantile Bank Trust).
In 1995, Arkoma transitioned into a family office focused on energy investments, retaining and managing 100% of all assets purchased through the help of Arkoma’s in-house team of geologists, engineers and landmen.


Arkoma Companies is a privately held group of companies based in Rockwall, Texas. It is comprised of twelve individual entities engaged in a number of business activities including real estate and energy.
For nearly forty years, Arkoma has been primarily engaged in oil and gas development through the acquisition of minerals, royalties and working interests in the United States. Arkoma generates investment ideas that require technical and financial land due diligence, as well as, investing wisely and logically based on overlooked opportunities due to market challenges and obstacles.


Arkoma’s investment approach combines both science and finance creating a business model like no other. For nearly forty years, the group has successfully leveraged its core assets, which is the technical information capable of translating useful knowledge for decision-making and business innovation. Arkoma Companies employs elite geologists, engineers and business professionals that are at the forefront of technical developments and investment strategies within the energy industry. 
Founder and President

Mark S. Kelldorf

Mark S. Kelldorf is the owner of Arkoma Companies. He founded Arkoma Basin Exploration, also an Arkoma Companies entity, in June 1983.  Mr. Kelldorf’s career as a geologist spans over 40 years and continues to include the evaluation and acquisition of producing minerals and royalties throughout Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas and North Dakota.
He began his career in the energy business at Regal Petroleum Corporation in Dallas, Texas in 1975. Mr. Kelldorf assisted in the generation of exploration prospects in the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma and Midland Basin, West Texas. In 1978, Mr. Kelldorf took the position of Staff Exploration Geologist at R. L. Burns Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Gormco Exploration then hired Mr. Kelldorf in January 1980 as Exploration Geologist. After one year with Gormco, Mr. Kelldorf became an independent geological consultant exclusively in Southeastern Oklahoma.
In 1985, he worked in conjunction with Stanford University Endowment, Austin College Endowment and Mercantile Bank Trust (J.P. Morgan Chase) forming a venture that collectively invested over 100+ million dollars in the acquisition of producing minerals and royalties in the Arkoma Basin of Southeastern Oklahoma and the Hugoton Field of Southwestern Kansas.  From 1995 to the present, Arkoma Companies, led by Mr. Kelldorf, has independently invested and acquired for its own account producing minerals, royalties, leasehold and working interest throughout the domestic United States.
Mr. Kelldorf holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Texas – Arlington, followed by graduate studies in Petroleum Geology from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.


Arkoma’s President, Mark S. Kelldorf, has spent over 40 years working as a petroleum geologist in major U.S. basins. He has used his expertise to lead teams of geoscientists and engineers in the development of oil and gas opportunities. Mr. Kelldorf uses proprietary geologic data to assist the Arkoma team in the selective acquisition of mineral rights and working interests.
Experience, innovation, and a detailed technical process gives Arkoma a substantial advantage over the competition.
Arkoma’s team includes an elite group of technically driven professionals. This team has been able to capitalize on oil and natural gas opportunities in which others have overlooked or did not develop thoroughly. Arkoma Companies is at the forefront of the vastly competitive energy industry through individual entities focused on developing, researching and seizing of opportunities.
Arkoma’s geologists apply a number of proprietary scientific models and techniques to analyze and interpret every day opportunities. Arkoma’s strategic function is to find the right geological conditions in proven basins where oil and gas companies have under-explored, to capitalize on these opportunities where we believe there to be upside.
Although discovery can provide a considerable amount of vital information about a particular reservoir, it is just a starting data point. Much more is required to get closer to the goal. With any oil and natural gas detection, numerous engineering questions must be answered in order to accomplish the goals set forth in each project. Engineering plays an important role in deciding whether the detection is taken forward to a strategic acquisition. The selective and innovative engineering approach applied by Arkoma in every opportunity allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the targeted reservoir potential.